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Cupcakes – those cute, colorful bits of deliciously amazing cake pieces frosted generously with buttercream and decorated with decadent fondant. Don’t you just love cupcakes? They are cute, they are fun and they can make any occasion or even a normal day super amazing! But we have found the perfect way to take these bundles of joy to the next level. Enter our adult cupcakes. They come in a variety of designs depending on what your mood and the occasion is!

Looking to pop the question to your girlfriend? Go for a box of our cute love cupcakes or the ones specially designed to help you out here. They say less is more and you can definitely try that out here. Let our cakes do the talking while you gauge your significant other’s eyes lighting up!

Throwing the perfect bachelorette party for your bestie? Take your party a notch higher with our spinster cupcakes. You know she will love them and you will love the air of quirk that we bring to your party!

We are not stopping at that. How about a “dirty” surprise for your friend at work? If you are in Pune, you can have one of our dirty poop cupcake boxes delivered to their desk and let them have a good laugh or two and turn their mundane workday into something super exciting!

Having a girls’ night in or a pyjama party? If you are in Pune, you can now order in a box of our lipstick cupcakes and the girly cupcakes to add that extra dimension to your sleepovers. After all, it’s always good to have a sweet ending to your day, right?

Is the birthday of the texting queen of your gang? You know what’s the best way to make their day? Yes, that’s right! Our emoji cupcakes! You can select from our specially curated range of popular and funny emoji cupcake. And as an added bonus, we have a minion box of cupcakes too that is sure to bring Dr. Gru alive on the dessert plate!

If you are in Pune, you know what to do! You can now place an order online and we’ll deliver these freshly baked, sugary delights to your doorstep. If you have any special requests, just let us know well in advance and we’ll try and fit all of those in. Go on, order a boxful of happiness and see your loved ones’ eyes light up!

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