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Throwing a party for a friend who loves cracking a dirty, toilet joke whenever they get a chance? Or do you know someone who cracks up every time they hear one? Here’s how you can make for a good laugh at the party! Try ordering on one of our funny potty cakes or poop cakes and see your party come to life! We try to make our potty cakes quite realistic and that’s where the fun lies! Our dirty cakes are quite tasty โ€“ well beyond your imagination and will make you think on how something that looks so dirty can actually be so tasty! That’s the point of any dirty cakes, right?

Even though you may not want to eat our potty or toilet cakes, we can guarantee you that they are 100% edible. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Our dirty cakes for adults are baked from scratch to ensure you a good, hearty laugh and a sweet treat that you will remember not only for how it looks but also for its taste! Chocolate, vanilla or maybe some red velvet โ€“ what will you fancy your potty to be in? We’ll also throw in some delectable frosting of your choice and a splash of any other customization that you want.

No more just ogling at the internet and thinking “How cool would it be if I could have this at my party!” We say, “Get it now and make your party super cool”! We also know how difficult it can get to something that’s fun, dirty and also super tasty. If you are always looking for potty cakes or poop cakes online but don’t know where to order these dirty cakes in Pune, you have come to the right place! Our online delivery of dirty cakes in Pune ensures that we deliver some good laugh and wholesome fun along with a cake, just in time for your big party!

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