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Emojis maybe acknowledged as a whole new language soon. You can’t deny that. Can you? They are a part of almost every text that we send out and at times, the words don’t even matter! How about we take these emojis to a whole new dimension altogether? If cakes and emojis are your absolute favorite things, guess what we have for you? Emoji cakes!

We all have a favorite emoji. In fact, there is an emoji for every mood, every expression, every whim and every fancy that we have! We have picked those up to turn them into a sweet delight of everything amazing! Cakes are the ultimate way to say you love and care. So why not put an amazing, new twist to those and make up something that not only looks a million dollars but taste every bit delicious as well? We’ve curated our range of emoji cakes for you to make them not only the best gift for any occasion but also to liven up any boring day and make it super special. So if you are in Pune, our online cake delivery service is sure to bring a wide smile on your and your loved ones’ face!

We’ll even add your message to the cake. So bring out your quirk quotient and add on to the emoji cakes to express at your heart’s will! Our emoji cakes are made with the best and tastiest sponge. Choose from our range of flavors’ and we will add one of our signature fillings to that to make every bite a delight for you!

Looking to wish your friend on their birthday? Try the smiley emoji cake. Or maybe trying to make up with your girlfriend? Go for a kisses emoji cake. How about just trying to surprise your friend? A cheeky poop emoji cake, maybe! No? Then maybe a cute, little sorry? The puppy-eyes emoji cake maybe! If you are in Pune, you know which online cake delivery service to dial! Order online and we promise to meet all your expectations and go further beyond!

Whatever you want to say or your occasion is, our in-house cake magicians will whip up the best and the most delicious emoji cakes for you and we’ll get them delivered to you at the right time for your celebration. So hit the ‘Order Now’ button and get ready to be surprised and also surprise others with each new spoonful!

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